Рабочая группа

DOP: Nikita Tyulyupov
Editor: Dmitry Schegolikhin

RASPUTNIKI 2018: Yevgeniy Gridnev, Daniyar Raziyev, Dmitry Schegolikhin


1. Document and reflect on coincidences and distinctions between the Kazakh and Russian underground music environments. Find and feel the growing differences in the mentalities, cultures, and national identities of the two once very close communities through music and sincere alcohol talking.

2. Strengthen cultural and emotional connection between Kazakhstan and Russia by defining peculiarities, distinctions and commonalities.

3. Popularize the Rasputniki band’s creativity


A documentary – as honest as possible – highlighting the band’s key character, bass player Daniyar Raziyev, who happened to play punk rock back in the Soviet times, witnessed the sunrise and sunset of the Almaty rock’n’roll underground, and got his teeth knocked out in Siberia (but no one seemed to be upset).

The trailer https://youtu.be/WN95iAH-Nt8


The film was posted in 79 VK communities (including largest ones – from “Rodnoy Zvuk” and “Drugs & Booze” to “Khrushchevka” and “Masonskaya lozha, Kaizer and Allah”)
175,780 views in VK alone
More than a thousand likes for video alone.

Example of feedback (Rubel comunity)

If you think that boys all over the world become musicians to bang girls, do drugs and earn money during breaks, you know nothing about this movement. Girls, drugs and money can be pleasant, but they are superficial. If it was just for them, no idiot would travel 4,000 kilometers to play a concert he would never earn much off. There is only one real reason for this kind of activity – you just can. Because you don’t give a damn about how to live a right and rich life, if you have a couple of morons by your side, musical instruments and pain in the arse. Because that is one of a few ways to feel alive and real – to do something that no one will ever do and do it for you. It captivates and draws you in. If you ever taste this special dish that not many would appreciate, you will never want a different life.