Рабочая группа

CD: Nurlan Satarov
AD: Farkhat Omirbayev
DS: Veronika Doloman, Timur Virinskiy
CW: Mariam Kuliyeva



By 2050, the shortage of fresh water will be a major problem of humanity. Even today, water shortage affects not only millions of people, but also representatives of flora and fauna, including rare species in Kazakhstan.

We encourage people to save water with Samsung dishwashers. The same volume of dishes requires 60 liters of water when washing by hand and only 9.5 liters when washing in the Samsung dishwasher. Thus, an ordinary family can save 1,500 liters of water per month and 18,000 liters of water per year.
We show this difference on a website filled with water and the fauna of Kazakhstan reviving in it, as the amount of water growth.

We are launching a digital campaign in which through various channels we convey a message about importance of water saving. On the campaign website we see the growing amount of water saved by Samsung consumers through the purchase of dishwashers.
Consumers see their names in the large eco-project list of participants and feel involved in the preservation of resources.
Moreover, people learn about the diversity of Kazakhstan nature and the importance of freshwater for it.
As the result we get Samsung image improvement, the motivation for the growth of purchases, people's awareness about the issue and saved water resources of Kazakhstan.