Рабочая группа

Art director: Farrukh Sharipov
Senior Manager: Alina Mirzaeva
Manager: Anna Pak


For several decades, plastic has been a huge environmental concern. Since the 1950s, over 8 billion tons of plastic have been produced in the world. We eat from plastic, we drink from plastic, we use plastic. We throw away plastic. On average, plastic decomposes over 300 years. Most packaging is also made of plastic. To replace plastic packaging, we came up with the first packaging made of a vegetable. the packaging made of Pumpkins. Lagenaria is a plant from the gourd family. Dry lagenaria is ideal as packaging for food: Environmental friendliness Unique pattern Unique size Decomposition time - 1 year The bark’s shape and rigidity is perfect for transportation Moisture- and light-resistance Each pumpkin is unlike the other one. Visually, lagenaria differs from the usual packaging, thus allowing the product to stand out on the shelf among other brands. Natural packaging for natural products!