Marwin, a book store

Рабочая группа

Dmitriy Volkov, CEO;
Sergey Alexanin, head of art;
Renat Poposhev, art director;
Igor Golushko, creative group head;
Nail Muratov, senior copywriter;
Yernar Mukaddas, copywriter;


Stay home and read against Covid!

We wanted to remind about the importance of self-isolation, and used reading for this. Books are good friends which never get you bored at home. And it’s even more enjoyable if they can support you in a difficult situation. With the wisdom of Shaw and Tolstoy, any loneliness are easier to bear!

Moreover, home reading helps to beat pandemiс. We used a visual trick to show it - a book opened near the face looks like a mask.

To remind about self-isolation and make it easier, we challenged followers to put a photo with a book with the form of a mask on the face and add hashtags #readvscovid and #зачитайсяотвируса. Winners got promocodes for books.

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