Simpla Online Store

Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Jeykhun Imanov
Art Director: Jamal Aliyev
Design: Jamal Aliyev, Ruslan Fazlulov
Illustrator: Valeriya Nebesnaya


"Simpla" is the largest FMCG online store in Azerbaijan.

The task was to create an online store from scratch.

We developed a concept, a name, a slogan, an identity, a website and entire e-commerce system.
First, we analyzed the market and, as a result, defined a brand positioning. The most distinguishing factor of the store is home delivery. Therefore, we suggested the slogan "Bazarlıq evinə gəlsin" – “When shopping comes to home”. Then we came up with a name: Simpla. We wanted to show the convinience of use of the online store and, therefore, chose the name "Simpla" which resembles the word "Simple".
For the logotype we’ve created colorful birds, that personify fast delivery. On the website and in advertising campaigns, the characters come to life: they collect order to the cart and deliver it to home.
The studio created the website and the entire system of electronic sales. The website has a delivery and order tracking system.

After branding and advertising campaign "Simpla" became one of the popular online stores in Azerbaijan.

Link to online store: https://simpla.az/