JSC Insurance Сompany Kommesk-Omir

Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Jeykhun Imanov
Project Manager: Husniyye Akhundova, Azamat Gimranov
Art director: Jamal Aliyev
Designer: Jamal Aliyev, Ruslan Fazlulov, Farid Ismayilov
Illustrator: Valeriya Nebesnaya


JSC Insurance Сompany Kommesk-Omir was founded in November 19, 1991 and became the first insurance company of independent Kazakhstan.

The task was to create a new logotype and corporate style for Insurance Company "Kommesk-Omir".

The new logotype conveys endless care and love. It looks like an infinity sign. The logotype is constantly changing its shape, transforming, symbolizing the constant movement and development of the company. Enclosing people in rings symbolizes love and care.