Advertising Campaign of "1 Card" Plastic Card.


Kapital Bank

Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Jeykhun Imanov
Art Director: Jamal Aliyev
Copywriter: Jamal Aliyev
Illustrator: Ruslan Fazlulov
Account Manager: Maharram Aliyev


The task was to create a brand and advertising campaign for the new product of Kapital Bank – the plastic card that combines many functions: salary, pension, installment, credit, deposit, debit, and bonus.

Due to multi-functionality of the new plastic card, we formulated a concept - all in one, and named it "1card". At the same time, it’s the 1st card of this type in the market.
We designed it vertically in order to differentiate it from other plastic cards in the market and used its identity in communications.
First, we created a teaser – “You’re the 1 and only”.
We developed a website that generates certificates with this slogan.
Here, people fill in their names and get unique certificates.
For example, “Studies show, you believe in a bright future. You enjoy your life. You are an optimist!”

As a result, there were more than 200 000 shares on social media with zero media budget.
Later, Kapital Bank presented the “1card” to the public and launched the product.
The commercial was released.
A lot of billboards in Baku city were covered with "All in 1 card".
Everybody guessed that the number “1” in the teaser related to the “1 card”.
As a result of the campaign:
Near 1 million dollars of free media was gained;
“1 card” became one of the most well-known brands in the country.
The popularity of “1 card” encouraged Kapital Bank to launch new products within the concept:
1card cashback, 1card miles and 1bank.
Kapital Bank changed its slogan to “The 1st bank”.