LLC Abdysh-Ata

Рабочая группа

Director: Ruslan Akun
Producer: Maksat Bolotbek
DOP: Dzhantai Kydyraliev
1st AC: Bekzat Turatbek uluu
VFX: Chingiz Eselbaev
Art: Kulchoro Shermatov
Color grading: Tima Zhanpeissov
Editor: Ulukmyrza Ravshanbekov, Nursultan Stanaliev
Production manager: Regina Suran
Music & Sound: Salamat Supataev, Dmitry Sharshenov, Yrysbek Usmanov


Kasym Tynystanov - the founder of the Kyrgyz written language - at the age of 22 (twenty-two!) reformed the Kyrgyz alphabet, thereby making a huge contribution to the education of the Kyrgyz people.
Zhusup Abdrakhmanov at the age of 26 became the first Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars of the Kyrgyz ASSR - in other words, the leader of Kyrgyzstan. He was able to achieve the creation of a separate republic within the USSR, thereby laying the foundation for the acquisition of independence by our country. Otherwise, we would have faced the fate of the Karakalpaks, Ossetians, and other peoples who have no independence after the collapse of the Union.
Chingiz Aitmatov - at the age of 14 (!) became the chairman of his village during the most difficult period of the war. And at the age of 24, he released his first story "The Newspaper Boy Dziuio". Needless to say, what Chingiz Aitmatov has done for Kyrgyzstan and the world.
Suimenkul Chokmorov played his first role in the legendary film “A Shooting at the Karash Pass”. He was 28 years old.
With this video, we wanted to remind and show that youth is a powerful force that cannot be stopped. Youth is endless energy that can help you to change the world for the better, transform your country, help your people. Youth is precisely the time that lays the foundation for the further development of personality.
Many young people in Kyrgyzstan do not know what to do, where to go. They spend their youth recklessly. And our video shows that youth is a time to act, achieve your dreams, develop, forge your own destiny in spite of criticism and moralizing. This is a priceless time and the most productive age in any person's life. Do not miss your chance.
Just get started. And Nitro will always help you with this.