Pink Berry

Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Hovhannes Margaryan
Designer, Illustrator: Anush Ghazaryan, Diana Aghamyan
Photographer: Andran Mantashyan
Concept: Diana Aghamyan
Client: “Pink Berry”


How to contain our little monsters? Of course with ice-cream. Sometimes children become obstinate little monsters ready to do anything to have their way. They stamp, shout, run around, and wreak havoc, making their parents’ lives a nightmare. Those little monsters won’t stop screaming in the store until they get an ice-cream, and then they turn back into “sweet little angels.”

We had an idea to represent little children -- our target audience, as “little monsters”. To connect better with the target group, we named the new product line after their own word for ice-cream: “Mayozhni.” “Marozhni” is a common slang word in Armenia for “ice-cream,” and children often mispronounce it as “mayozhni” (pronounced “mah-yozh-nee”).
For the packaging, we created cute little monsters that represent children being lively, happy, naughty – or just children being children. Each flavor is a specific monster with its own characteristics: a cheerful smile, a set of silly teeth, devilish horns, etc. Flavors are differentiated through a wide color palette, making the product more appealing to our target audience.

The Pink Berry’s ice-cream cones are the most successful and the most widely known product of this company. “Mayozhni” became little children’s favourite ice-cream due to its colorful packaging and juicy, creative, funny characters – “little monsters.”

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