Go Viral Dushanbe


US Embassy Dushanbe

Рабочая группа

Head of Group: Sher Jurabaev
General producer: Feerooz Khasanov
Art Director: Sherzod Sattori
Technical director: Firdavs Khasanov
Project manager: Madina Mukhamadieva
Digital Promo Team: Saya Nodirshoeva, Shabnam Rahimova, Gulnora Ramazanova
Video production: Pavel Lee


The GoViral Festival was organized for the first time in Tajikistan. Considering the fact that many new things are alien to the country's audience, it was essential to present a pleasant and recognizable version of the festival.

Create welcoming and warm images of the festival so that the local public can embrace and promote the festival and ensure the high-quality completion of the project through these images.

Stickers are a new form of communication and, as the launch of our promotional campaign, we decided to create a sticker pack, an alphabet of sorts, that would make it simple and fun to communicate with each other. All the stickers created by our team have been submitted to Telegram.
These stickers were the key means of interaction that made it possible to promote the festival and make its perception easier. Over 2,000 users have already installed our sticker pack.

The team created local images, which were subsequently applied to the whole theme of the festival.
32 speakers from all over the world were invited. More than 1,000 participants attended the event. More than 1800 applications were approved.