Air Astana

Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Anastassiya Palko
Designer: Olga Tkachenko
Copywriter: Olga Sivkina


BRIEF: to congratulate women on March 8 during festive flights.

IDEA: at all times, artists painted the image of a woman, singing femininity and beauty. After all, no matter how a woman looks, no matter what position she takes, first of all, she is a muse. Inspiration and admiration. Art made by heaven.

We decided to imagine how women from famous paintings would look like onboard Air Astana. Sitting in airplane armchairs, or sleeping in cozy blankets, and waking up drinking tea. And we transferred these images to sweet gifts for women.

We created gift chocolate, which included all the best female qualities. We wanted to please every woman, young and old, and make them enjoyable on this day. For each of them to feel like Venus Botticelli or the muse of Gustav Klimt. In the package, they were primarily expected to contain poems written specifically for this holiday.

Gifts were just a part of the whole congratulation. In addition, we invited a singer to perform beautiful Kazakh songs about women. We watched the girls onboard and saw their tears of happiness from everything that happened. This is the best reward for us to see the joy of our passengers.

RESULT: photos and videos from the festive flights on March 7-9 flew around social networks and instant messengers. The women congratulated each other with the video filmed on board that day and thanked Air Astana for such a gift. Hundreds of women expressed their gratitude to us.