Air Astana

Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Anastassiya Palko
Project Manager: Dinara Aleyeva, Aisha Yessimkhanova, Ingkar Omar
Videographer: Maxim Malov
Retouch: Igor Yug


SITUATION: On November 2, 2018, Fly Arystan, a subsidiary low-cost airline of the Air Astana group, was established. People appreciated the opportunity to travel around Kazakhstan at the price of a train or even a bus, with the same level of safety and service inherent in the Air Astana brand. But the market has a distorted perception of the two carriers. In particular, misunderstanding of the involvement of one brand in another during the year.

BRIEF: To convey to passengers that these are 2 brands of one company, where the main value is a human. His safety, comfort and grateful smile. From point A to point B.

IDEA: The campaign was aimed at existing passengers, so we chose 13 Fly Arystan destinations. And 13 different dissimilar, in some way imperfect heroes, whose smile is our highest award. We just decided to confess our love to those who have long chosen us.
Fly. We are nothing without your smile. The slogan of the campaign.

The “smiling city” effect made people happy. They sent us gratitude for raising their spirits while they are in traffic and reminding us not to postpone a visit to our loved ones.
People could easily repeat the smile line, so selfies in this style quickly spread on the networks. People pointed out their directions and wrote, "Ne uspeli ulybnutsya uje doleteli." After that, we created AR masks in Instagram, with the ability to use our own directions on the points of smile.

In the commercial, we revealed the full power of a smile through different reasons for flying. We took the most touching moments, from a 5 month baby, whose flight path was realized for the first time. People cried after watching the video.
To enhance the locality of the advertising campaign and to please people, we took the long-forgotten Kazakh song VIA Dos Mukasan. This song is a real diamond, a hymn of love for those who are relatives and are waiting for us in other cities. When we applied for the right to use the song, we were asked to make a new recording. We refused because the sound the tapes gave new life to the song.

RESULT: the two airlines employ more than 5,000 people. We used the friendly atmosphere within the companies so that everyone shared the video in their personal stories on social networks. Thanks to such a wave, over 2,000,000 people watched the video in total.

We got a huge response from the audience. We ourselves did not expect such warmth. For the first time, under the comments on social networks, no one complained, did not write about unfortunate situations. Love, tenderness, happiness and gratitude reigned there. Now both brands were mentioned in the same row. All domestic routes Air Astana Group were completely sold out.

A smile is the first thing a human sees when he comes into this world. Smiles of people who love him. The smiles of those who are dear to us are our armor in the modern world. We greet our passengers with a smile and they smile back at us.