Air Astana

Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Anastassiya Palko
Illustrator: Mimi Ilnitskaya
Copywriter: Olga Sivkina
Calligraphy: Ilya Nikitin
Project Manager: Dinara Aleyeva, Ingkar Omar


BRIEF: To develop the design of wall and table calendars according to the theme of travel, directions of the Air Astana route network.

IDEA: Sketchbook "Travel Diary".
Observation is always a special sight. Sketches of everyday life make travel memories dear to heart. A parked bike with a basket of tulips near a cafe in Amsterdam, a completely non-tourist area of ​​Hong Kong, where even a shoe shop is a work of art filled with the comfort and atmosphere of the city, the unusual types of transport in different parts of the World and even a Kiev funicular in a golden and crimson crown of trees.

The pages of such a diary contain memorable notes, dates, observations, tear-off boarding passes and details dear to the heart. These things make any journey personal. We wanted to convey these things as much as possible through the eyes of a traveler. Hand-made and crafting moments.

That is why all the texts were created by hand by different people and materials on different languages. Ballpoint pen, pencil, watercolor crayon. They are as unique as the very moment of the trip with Air Astana.

RESULT: After we gifted the calendars, a real flash mob began on the network. People shared their sketchbooks, boarding passes with onboard sketches, illustrations, and even cakes with printed travel notes were sent to us. People began to hand-sign New Year's cards, inspired by the hand-written font and its meaning to another person. The illustration with sketches of flight attendants became popular and it was decided to continue the series in the onboard menu design and gift sets.
Thus, the theme of the calendar became the basis of the company's new onboard branding.