Air Astana

Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Anastassiya Palko
Designer: Dauren Serikbayev
Project Manager: Dinara Aleyeva


BRIEF: to promote domestic destinations during the freeze of international flights.

In Kazakhstan, the situation with the launch of international routes was tense. In June, several destinations were launched, but in July, borders were closed again and flights were suspended due to the second wave of coronavirus.

Domestic flights, in turn, were opened and people began to look closely at local attractions, national parks, lakes. Therefore, a “Travel the Motherland” ad campaign was launched to drive domestic sales. Through a series of almost transparent airplane windows, we wanted to show the ease of travel in our country.

That this is a kind of convention that separates you from your travels. 1-3 hours and you are already sailing on a boat in Burabaya Park. The ease and accessibility of travel across Kazakhstan pleased the passengers. Many of them visited the national parks for the first time, without previously knowing about their existence or the availability of flights.

TOTAL: As a result of the advertising campaign, the sales of domestic flights doubled and remained after the opening of international flights.