Inucobo, Ковчег, KARE, Клуб добряков

Рабочая группа

Author: Anastassiya Palko


SITUATION: In two days, shocking videos of the killing of dogs in Atyrau spread all over Kazakhstan. In one of the videos, a man strangled a helpless dog with his hands with extreme cruelty and then killed him with the door of the refrigerator. The unfortunate animal whined and wriggled in pain. Flayers coolly filmed what was happening on camera. In the second video, the dog was shot with a gun.

Animal rights activists came out with a demand to toughen the punishment for this because at the legislative level animals are not protected: the flayers burn and torture them, strangle them and get off with a small fine or arrest up to 50 days.

IDEA: on a voluntary basis, with the support of state shelters and private nurseries, a social video in the style of stop motion was created. His goal is to draw attention to the problem and sign a petition for a new bill protecting animal rights. Remind people that a dog is a friend. Those animals have feelings, they know how to love, wait, protect. At all times, dogs helped people.

During the Great Patriotic War, medical orderlies pulled more than 700 thousand wounded soldiers from the battlefield. They brought wounded soldiers to a shelter where they could receive urgent medical attention. Dogs walked with a person, side by side, and in difficult times they came forward. They worked and died in the place of man. In gratitude for their feat, the dogs have erected monuments all over the world. They don't deserve to be cruel.

To the touching poems of Valentin Gaft, we tried to show all the pain in the dog's eyes.

RESULT: as a result of massive action in support of the bill, thousands of reposts were made together with a request to take a minute, and to sign the petition, it was possible to collect more than 100 thousand signatures. The bill has been accepted for development.