Air Astana

Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Anastassiya Palko


SITUATION: Due to the global pandemic, aviation found itself in a difficult situation. Flights were completely stopped, and thousands of people applied for refunds. Every new post on Instagram was accompanied by questions about refunds.

This was the case for all airlines and a single hashtag was created for support. #wewillflyagain. Airlines have launched inspirational videos, posts, small advertising campaigns. Air Astana did not stand aside.

IDEA: To stand out from the same type of materials, we created content in the trendy style of stop motion and published it every week one by one.

The idea of the concept is how something is reborn from nothing. Each animation based on a one travel detail. People were nostalgic, how they fed the birds, how they collected shells on the beaches, how they went to concerts, how they were surprised at new discoveries and returned home happy.

RESULT: We have supported people inside and outside the company. Against the background of general panic, terrible news, the content looks bright and positive. People willingly made reposts and by the end of quarantine the videos had collected a huge number of views and reposts.

The total view on different sites is 1,300,000 views. The videos hosted publics, telegram channels, airline fan clubs, etc. The positive effect of the company is that the airline did not lay low in silence during a difficult situation, but showed activity and supported the spirit of people with entertainment content.