Kazakhstan RTRC JSC

Рабочая группа

General Producer - Temirbek Amanzhol
Executive Producer - Marzhan Bekmaganbetova
Director, Chief Cameraman - Alen Niyazbekov
Co-Director - Evgeniya Moreva
Set Designer - Kuat Tleubayev
Chief Cameraman - Azamat Zhanabekov
Steadicam Operator - Nursultan Bazarbay
Script - Temirbek Amanzhol, Ilya Lebedev
Producer Assistant - Dana Muturganova
Administrator - Yerlan Muturganov
Casting - Dana Alibayeva
Sound engineer - Sanzhar Murat
Stunt team - Nomad Stunts
Backstage - Ziya Rupatov, Ali Amangeldin
Gaffer - Ainur Kazhkarimova
Focus puller - Ayan Bazylbek
Camera technician - Nurlybek Smayil
Make-up artist - Alfiya Dzhunusbayeva
Costume Designer - Bakhyt Tazhenova
Assistant Director - Diana Tolegenova
Motion Designer - Abay Umurzakov
Driver - Mukhagali Baibolganov


30th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence has become landmark event, a reason to look back and see challenging journey traveled. The “Bond of Times” video is an attempt to showcase key milestones of Independence, problems and victories experienced in a cinematic and poetic form.

During 30 years of Independence, the country has seen numerous major events. We wanted to show the significant events that unite us as a nation – dream of independent country and turbulent times of early 90s, international recognition of young state, nuclear disarmament and the birth of new capital.

Single-frame shooting technique is the special feature of video production.

The “Bond of Times” video was filmed in 2020 at the cinema hall in Almaty. More than 100 people were involved in the production, including stuntmen and crowd actors.


We built the decorations, repainted the green floor into black. We hung the bare, white walls with black cloth. Green flooring would be bad for filming, reflecting off overhead lighting on the characters' faces and clothes. After we fully equipped the area, we arranged the decorations at certain points.


To ensure more viewer engagement, we first place viewer in the present time and then dive into the past, going through the visual history of the country, and then return to the present moment.

The main character does not just observe, but participates in historical events. He walks across stages, moving from one era to another, interacts with the environment and people, reacts.

- modernity
- 18th century events
- Soviet times – cultivation of “Virgin lands”
- formation of independent Kazakhstan - closure of nuclear test site
- gaining the Independence - events of 16 December 1991
- moving the capital
- interethnic relations in Kazakhstan
- returning to modern times

Background music

The composer and sound designer had to recreate the atmosphere and mood of each era as best as possible. The team wrote composition to guide the viewer through the video “in one breath”.

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