Vilimilis – Window to Fantasy World



Рабочая группа

Creative Director: Hovhannes Margaryan
Art Director: Anush Ghazaryan
Designer: Anush Ghazaryan
Designer: Ani Amaryan
Illustrator: Anush Ghazaryan
Copywriter: Anjela Petrosyan
Copywriter: Tigran Gevorgyan
Account Manager: Hayk Simonyan


Inside every woman lies an entire universe -- one that she carefully hides from everyone and unlocks only when she's alone. The premium sweets brand Vilimilis is a window that helps every woman escape the mundane realities and teleport to her own enchanting world; here she can truly open up and embrace her wildest dreams.
Building on the core idea of ‘teleporting’ or ‘traveling through,’ we created a design that metaphorically opens up only when the packaging physically opens. Vilimilis is the window that teleports a woman into the realm of her fantasies. But every woman is unique with her own set of features and qualities, so it would be wrong to narrow down the visualization to a single character. That is why we designed each packaging with its own distinctive character: Jam is a tender and easy-going woman -- a little girl at heart. Chocolate bars represent a daring and assertive queen. Chocolate sticks are mysterious and uncharted like the universe. Chocolate almond is lively and full of joy; she is open to all things new and foreign. At the moment, the lineup only counts 4 ‘protagonists’ but it will gradually expand to introduce new characters with their own personalities. The characters are different but they are all real; every woman can see herself through the Vilimilis window.