"ProGroup" company corporate commercial


"ProGroup" construction company

Рабочая группа

Concept Director: Maksatbek Omorov
Project Manager: Zhanara Nurbekova
Director: Adilet Omorov
DOP: Erzhan Arakeev
Drone-operator: Adilet Omorov
Designer: Abylai Marat uulu
Make-up: Sadyrova Zhazgul


The customer asked for a corporate commercial showing the true competence of the company, emphasizing its scrupulous approach to its business. The customer's desire was that the commercial would differ from the production works of Kyrgyzstan and was of high quality.

The video, scheduled for the gala evening of handing over the keys on January 19, was filmed in the second half of December 2019.

To solve the problem, we adopted the concept of the video based on the name of the customer (ProGroup). By showing the true masters of their craft each in their industry, the video culminates with the message "ProGroup are the professionals in their field."

For the role of masters of their craft, we chose 5 branches: mountaineering, equestrian sports, blacksmithing, orchestra conductor and architecture. Instead of professional theater actors we decided to use real professionals instead, since blacksmithing, mountaineering and equestrian sports required appropriate experience. Therefore the blacksmith and the alnipist are real people who earn their life by that craft, and for the role of jockey we chose the youth champion of Kyrgyzstan.

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