Kentau Transformer Factory JSC

Рабочая группа

Idea author - Temirbek Amanzhol
Executive Producer - Kuanysh Sadridenov
Director, Chief Cameraman - Azamat Zhanabekov
Cameramen - Zhanibek Mashrapov, Aizhan Kuan, Nurlybek Smayil
Screenwriter-Editor: Ksenia Pridatchenko


In 2019, the Kentau Transformer Factory celebrated 60th anniversary of its operations. It was decided to make a film about the company to mark the anniversary. The factory is not only about its products, but also about the people whose work and energy has helped the company to operate successfully for over 60 years.

Factory settings is a combination of qualities and actions necessary for the device to operate properly. For many of its employees, the Kentau Transformer Factory is the first and only job. Job for life. Second home. The factory raised more than one generation of town residents, helped workers become better citizens, professionals and passionate about their work. In this case, factory settings means a set of qualities peculiar to seasoned professionals, writing the history of their beloved company on a daily basis.

Focusing on the core asset of any company – people. The film is based on 3 stories of workers, through which we uncovered the values of the factory, its history and future plans. The characters tell their story in their own words using emotions and gesticulation. We showed them as real as they are, like “our own folks” so familiar to every factory worker.

The film is based on 3 stories of workers: labor dynasty, young aspiring specialist and a production veteran. We uncovered the values of the factory, touched upon its history and future plans. More importantly, we showed the principles laid down as the main driver of the production.

We spy on the character, dive into his life, catch moments of live interaction, real emotions, while also making staged shooting. Our footage shows the real life of the character: home, family, work, hobbies, city landscapes, places he goes, etc.

Company’s fundamental values is the main theme of the film:

1. Labor dynasties - transfer of experience in one family
2. Connection between generations - transfer of experience from older to younger
3. Meritocracy - management principle where the most capable and suitable candidates take senior positions, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity and other factors
4. Kentau - now a city of opportunities and back in the 90s a city on the verge of extinction; impact of the factory on city development

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