youtube channel "Так Бывает" (It Happens)

Рабочая группа

Concept-Art Director: Adil Ibraimov
Designers: Aruuke-Elaine Gunther, Nurlan Duishobekov, Nurbolot Kalybekov, Altynai Usupova.
2D Animators: Pavel Kmet, Aizhan Kydyr kyzy, Samara Mastanova, Kyzzhibek Arstanbek kyzy
Scriptwriter: Mayak Zholonovich


Create an entertainment channel aimed at a teenage Russian-speaking audience. Each series contains educational and training components of a teenager, but very dosed and unobtrusive.

Channel "ТАК БЫВАЕТ" - which allows subscribers to tell their story of triumph or failure, love or disappointment, some sad events or, conversely, funny. These stories are formed in accordance with the laws of drama by the studio's professional scriptwriters.

The advantage of this story structure is that the viewer is interested in watching the development of events, and he will not shut the video until he knows how it all ended.

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