JSC "Agency "Khabar"

Рабочая группа

Executive Producer - Bauyrzhan Syzdykov
Director - Kazbek Rustembekov
Screenwriter - Yernar Mukaddas
Chief Cameraman - Zhanibek Mashrapov
Camera mechanic, focus-puller - Nurlybek Smail
Operator assistant - Meirzhan Meyrambay
Gaffer - Zhaslan Tutkabaev, Abylai Ganiuly
Sound engineer - Nurdaulet Ertaev
Costume Designer - Elara Nigomet
Make-up artist - Eserkepova Amina Meyramovna
Casting Director - Erkezhan Maksut
Editing - Arthur Borisov
Color correction - Marlene Ermekovich
Sound designer - Ruslan Azhigaliev


Living to the fullest in a new reality is defined by number of critical, sometimes essential restrictions. We call them "new manners", "new ways of life in the new COVID reality." Those not observing them should be subjected to public condemnation, the very same shame (or uyat in Kazakh). But only because one can die and/or infect others by ignoring safety rules.

Not only did we need to produce high-quality information content, but also demonstrate visual and emotional association of the consequences caused by COVID dissidence.

Short videos are one of the key steps in promoting the idea of "new manners". They tell controversial stories about what can happen when people ignore the infection threat and new ways of life during a pandemic.
We decided to create sharp contrasts and wanted to be bold and impactful. We wanted to demonstrate in a very clear way that we often live for the moment, acting too complacent and not being able to critically evaluate the risks of hasty, and, as evidenced by experience, dangerous decisions.

We are accustomed to honoring heroes regularly making personal and professional sacrifices. Many of us strive to be that tough guy or girl, a role model. But what is everyday heroics and what can it lead to? Medal, award, praise from the boss or hospitalization? What if in the world of pandemic and totally rearranged daily routine, fearless heroes are the ones posing a threat to the life and health of others?

The video was released at the end of August 2020. Soon it will be circulated on nationwide TV channels and social networks.

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