Travel inside your home


TESTO by Zamira&Co

Рабочая группа

Art Director: Shakhzod Saliev
Graphic Designer: Andrey Kornienko
Creative Director: Farkhod Norbaev
Client Service Director: Nargiz Kamalova
Strategic Planner: Lobar Alieva
Digital Director: Zamira Rakhmanova
Copywriter: Samara Akhmad


Usually, people brought magnets from their trips abroad, so it will hang on the refrigerator and evoke warm memories.

And during the pandemic, when borders are closed, we decided to remind people that thanks to international dishes from Testo cafe, you can travel without even leaving your home.

Kyiv dumplings, Japanese gyoza, Italian ravioli, Georgian khinkali, and Russian dumplings - all this is available in the Testo country. And now you can travel without risk.

We were not "inspired" by the work of the well-known internet artist Duran, we are just on the same vibes.