JSC "Agency "Khabar"

Рабочая группа

PARTNERSHIP: collaboration with IGRAPHIC design bureau team (Kazakhstan, Almaty)

Executive Producer - Bauyrzhan Syzdykov
Creative Producer - Nikolay Enelane
Screenwriter - Beibut Zhakhin
Illustration - Rustem Zhakishev
Animation - Beibut Zhakhin


A series of animated videos called “Couldn't-care-less virus: Tukurukbayev's story” is part of the Behavioral Culture nationwide campaign. The campaign was launched to change the social paradigm. It is no secret that recently there has been a spike in cases of ill-mannered behavior in Kazakhstan, causing public condemnation. The incident in Almaty when a man spat on elevator panel amid pandemic and strict quarantine measures sparked massive public outcry. Unfortunately, plenty of similar cases are recorded every year in Kazakhstan and most of them are not covered in the media and are not made public.

Amidst the fight against coronavirus, the culture of public behavior becomes increasingly important as it directly affects public health. Coronavirus infection can spread by spitting, disregarding personal and public hygiene.

Create multi-episode product which emphasizes zero tolerance and condemnation of behavior model of a typical administrative offender. We needed to create a story closely intertwined with borrowed behavior models, imitation of absurd toughness, moral downfall, fair punishment, one man’s attempt to change himself and the world around him.

We managed to create a series of vivid and educative animated videos about the cultural downfall of citizen Tukurukbayev. Citizen Tukurukbayev, our final creative solution, is a generalized character of typical modern Kazakh citizen who, for whatever reason, crosses the line of common sense and law by violating common behavioral norms.

Striking and self-explanatory name of the character suggests that Tukurukbayev “spits” on the universal standards of morality. His defiant behavior causes shared public outcry. After examining underlying causes, the viewer draws unanimous conclusion that anyone who violates the law and misbehaves in public, in one way or another, resembles the character of Tukurukbayev. The latter, as it seems, nevertheless becomes an antihero in the public eye, and his behavior norms are unacceptable.

According to media clipping data, the total reach of the Behavioral Culture campaign products from July 10 to August 31 was over 3.4 million unique users on Facebook and Instagram.

As for the Episode 2 titled “Couldn't-care-less virus: Tukurukbayev's story”, its figure in this campaign was significantly lower at 455,000 unique users. However, judging by the reaction of the audience, Tukurukbayev's story hit the spot and was received as quite realistic.

After being demonstratively condemned and sentenced to community service in the Episode 1, Tukurukbayev is about to step on the path to correction. Tukurukbayev has to rectify what he used to do himself: littering, not caring about other people and nature, not following the public norms of behavior, crossing the line of law and so on. Tukurukbayev becomes aware of how serious and widespread the “don’t care” attitude is after acknowledging the gravity of the situation. He realizes that one person is unable to solve the problem that has become so massive.

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