Asl Baraka

Рабочая группа

Strategic Planner: Lobar Alieva
Copywriter: Alexandra Demchenko
Art Director: Vitaliy Khalzunov
Creative Director: Farkhod Norbaev
Client Service Director: Nargiz Kamalova
Film director: Alisher Seytniyazov
Production: DBLA hybrid production
Digital Director: Zamira Rakhmanova
Digital Team: Selivanna Sin, Diyor Makhmudov and Rustam Khudaybergenov
Graphic Designer: Viktoriya Sharafutdinova


Brands of sausage products in Uzbekistan do not have any rational advantages between each other. Therefore, they practically do not differ on the counter in the store, and in advertising.

Asl Baraka is also a mass-market brand that has decided to focus on Tashkent city. And his task was to stand out in the category - to show that this is not just another brand that speaks only about the product.

In Uzbekistan, all brands of sausage products advertise “luxury life” in their commercials. But in reality, sausages are in demand among ordinary hard workers, with average incomes, who do not always have time to have a full meal.

Show the faces of our audience that no one is talking about. They have dedicated their lives to their favorite profession, devoted to it with all their heart, and therefore deserve gratitude. Mehnatsevar project as a way to say thanks to our hardworking people.

Show the main audience of the brand - ordinary hard workers, with average incomes, which no one talks about.
In a series of short films, PR articles, outdoor advertising, and other activities, we told about their life path, chosen professions of those who are called "mehnatsevars".

The three films received a total of 6.3 million views, and all stories received thousands of responses on social networks. Monthly sales of Asl Baraka grow by 40% on average.