Ekopen - Endless Repair



Рабочая группа

Copywriter: Alexandra Demchenko
Creative Director: Farkhod Norbaev
Strategic Planner: Lobar Alieva
Art Director: Vitaliy Khalzunov
Client Service Director: Nargiz Kamalova
Graphic Designer: Viktoriya Sharafutdinova
Film director: Alisher Seytniyazov
Production: DBLA hybrid production


Installing new windows is almost always the start of a full-fledged repair. And if this is a classic Uzbek family, then all the problems of repairment fall on the man, which are:
-endless expenses,
-argues over wallpaper color between wife and mother,
-irresponsible workers etc.

These are the reasons why repair becomes endless...

We decided to show all the pain that people face when repairing in the advertising series "Endless Repair". 10 episodes - each of them is a full-fledged 1-minute story.
The series also advertises an action from Ekopen that solves at least one “headache” of those who make repairs, by raffling furniture sets and appliances among those who installed Ekopen windows.

Sales growth compared to last year was 5.7% in July, and in August it increased to 17%, by having sales -30% at the beginning of the quarantine.