"Таң Алдында" (Before Dawn) web-series


Lights Creative Group

Рабочая группа

Production: Lights Creative Group
Producers: Babur Tolbaev, Nurlan Mirzamatov
Directors: Aibek Daiyrbekov, Almaz Zhangaziev
Director of photography: Mirlan Satkymbaev
Script: Azimzan Rakhatov
Composer: Azat Zhumabekov
Sound engineer: Mars Tugelov
Set Designer: Bayysh Ismanov
Casting director: Omurbek Izrailov
Director of the picture: Kubandyk Kamalov
Executive Producer: Tolkun Daiyrbekova
YouTube Promotion: Maksatbek Omorov


The sudden pandemic of 2020 overturned all the established paradigms, dividing human history into "BEFORE" and "AFTER" coronavirus. This has especially affected the countries with a low level of development, the countries of Central Asia, including Kyrgyzstan. Infrastructural unpreparedness showed the real appearance of soulless people who value only material values. "Opportunist" persons for whom human life is only a way of enrichment have become an object of hatred of society. Also, the period coincided with the pre-election stage to the legislative council of Kyrgyzstan, and showed the true appearance of "philanthropts" and their "good" intentions. Therefore, the goal was to quickly and clearly show these acute problems along with other social problems, such as domestic violence, traditions contrary to modern norms (bride kidnapping), problems of dialogue between family members, problems of fake news, mistrust to the younger generation, and most importantly - the disastrous consequences of selling votes during the elections.

The project "Tan Aldynda" web series consists of 8 episodes. At the time of application, 4 episodes were released (available on the YouTube). The goal is to show the problem with strong and clear drama, touching as though with an emotional magic wand the hearts of the audience (citizens of Kyrgyzstan).

Filming start: July 17
Episode #1 launch date: 28 Aug
Last episode launch date: 02 Cctober

Each episode focuses on a specific social issue. Episode #1 accentuates the unacceptability of the problem of bride kidnapping, Episode #2 - the problem of nepotism (nepotism) in law enforcement structures, and so on.

The quantitative results showed the importance of the project with the possobility to integrate socially significant ideas, products and services.

(at the time of application)
The total number of views of 4 episodes on YouTube is 1.4M+
Total number of likes for 4 episodes on YouTube: 30K+ (97% positive)
Total number of comments on all videos: 5K+