Рабочая группа

Client: Payme
Creatives: Shakhrukh Nizamutdinov
Art Direction: Javokhir Nazarov
Account Manager: Aziza Muminova
Production: Art Craft Visuals
Director: Gintas Smilga
DOP: Jakhongir Ibragimov


Problem: Payme is the # 2 mobile application for payments. Instead of using a quick and easy way to pay for goods and services, people in Uzbekistan still use outdated methods: they look for cashiers and type long USSD codes in order to make payments. Standing in long queues, collecting receipts, and other endless paperwork makes a person feel like he stuck in the past. So when it comes to payment, it remains headache for majority of customers, especially when it comes to utilities bills.

Solution: Modern ways of payments not only save your time, but also makes you feel more modern than your peers. So, the Agency created a campaign which is aimed to show the product benefits by using interesting story of cavemen. The campaign is based on how cavemen are trying to deal with the everyday problems that are familiar to a modern man. We transferred all these situations through the prism of humor and showed how easily problem can be resolved using the Payme application - a modern payment method that is designed to rid us of the feeling of backwardness and helplessness by pushing the wheel of progress. Moreover, we invented the language for "stone-age" people for an advertising campaign, where each phrase or sound has its own semantic load and meaning.

Result: Subscriber base growth by 42%, Active users growth by 2%, Gross income growth by 5%, Brand awareness growth by 10%, 1 million downloads of App in GooglePlay as a result of the campaign