Рабочая группа

Zhanna Burakanova – creative director
Semyon Dmitriyev – strategist
Yekaterina Figurskaya – copywriter
Zauresh Sydykhanova – SEO

Natalia Durmanova - Lead Manager of advertising
Yuliya Ryabkova - Head of Advertising department

Production studio - ESSE
Director - Pavel Kovtun


Makfa is Russian macaroni #1 in Russia, but not on the Kazakhstan market. Many local brands with local production are dominating in the category. Makfa never really pushed communication in the region and was selling by shelf only.

We need a standout in the macaroni market for Kazakhstan with a strong and bold benefit for consumer to buy Russian product with a slightly higher price.

We found that macaroni made from the solid and hard wheat varieties can be healthy and nobody ever talked about it on our market. Also, we found that macaroni is the often a women’s choice. The macaroni market of Kazakhstan never saw a commercial without happy family. So, our idea was simple and straightforward.

We show the macaroni goodness through the healthy and attractive bodies of the man who gather the wheat and make Makfa macaroni from it.