Art Bakery

Рабочая группа

Account group: Art Director – Rufina Novokreshenova, Graphic Designer – Saida Kabulova,
Account manager – Zhadyra Kurmangaliyeva


Every year, many bakeries and pastry shops with different concepts are opened in Kazakhstan. This necessity
is driven be the peculiarity in the mentality of the population: Kazakhstanis love family feasts, which
always include tea drinking - this is an integral part of the Kazakh people’s culture. However, the lack of a
truly family-friendly, warm, cozy brand that would become an assistant not only on holidays, but also in
showing signs of attention, care, and gratitude has become a task for creating Art Bakery.

Our task was to create a brand that would be a warm, cozy, native brand for Kazakhstanis. The essence
of the idea began with the story of a simple girl who loved to bake for her loved ones and in the process
decided to share her hobby with the whole country, with the people of all ages.

When creating the logo for Art Bakery, we were inspired by the lettering technique. Since in the
name of the brand there is a mention of art, this technique was just what we needed in developing a logo
- the art of writing letters and artistic creativity. Lettering brings life and mood into the letters. It makes
possible to give the desired meaning in the general appearance of the word, which will be clear even
without reading it, but only by looking at it.
In our designs, we tried to reflect the atmosphere of family harmony, love, warmth, and heartfulness in the
circle of loved and dear ones.

We created a logo, illustrations for POS materials and complimentary gifts.
Today, confectionery products from Art Bakery are gaining popularity not only among the Kazakhs,
but also all over the world!