Kimberly Clark

Рабочая группа

Zhanna Burakanova – creative director

Dina Sarkisyan - senior brand manager
Anar Akbarli - marketing director

Production studio - West East Service
Director - Egor Lymarev


The task of Kotex® TV-reel was to continue #icandoeverything campaign, that inspired the girls of Kazakhstan (the country where are lots of barriers for woman to be full-fledged person) to move forward any day, during their periods too.

The solution was to tell the story of two heroines, who are engaged in such a “not-woman” occupations as martial arts and science.

The idea was to show that there can be no obstacles in the way of Kazakhstani girls seeking to achieve their goals. Neither the “man’s” profession, nor the period, nor anything else will not stop them.

The communication slogan was “Alga every day!”. It is based on the commonly used word in the Kazakh language “alga!”, Meaning “come on! forward!". “Alga!” Is said and understood by people of more than 100 nationalities living in Kazakhstan, with this appeal they support all who go ahead no matter what - athletes, people of creativity, and now girls.