Brodsky Barbershop

Рабочая группа

CSD: Elina Ibragimova
Account Manager: Yuliya Jukova
Design Director: Temur Sadi
Art Director: Zokir Khalmatov
Designers: Svetlana Sarjan, Rovhsan Kidryachov, Mansur Nabiev
Illustrators: Tumaris Kutlumarova, Svetlana Sarjan


We were challenged to create a brand name and identity for a barbershop chain in Warsaw.
Brodski (“Broda” means “Beard” in Polish) — simple and clear name for a barbershop in Warsaw. As a logo we used an image of a bison, a humpbacked shaggy-haired wild ox native to the lands of Poland. One of the symbols of Poland, brutal, authentic and super calm. Brand character changes hair-cuts, mustache and beard due to the medium it is used on.
Pure, simple and flexible design with a brutal character.