Arena Bar

Рабочая группа

CSD: Elina Ibragimova
Account Manager: Adelya Uzyakova
Design Director: Temur Sadi
Art Director: Zokir Khalmatov
Designer: Akhmad Sobitov


We were challenged to create new identity for a sport bar in the heart of Tashkent.

There are many pubs, bars and restaurants in Tashkent, but they all have fairly familiar formats. And none of them is a place where true sports connoisseurs could feel the real atmosphere of sports.

Arena is a place where interests clash; it is a football field, basketball court, tennis court, tatami mats and a sports bar, which conveys the main idea of sports - the definition of the best. Any kind of sports divides the fans into two camps, while uniting them in one stadium, playground, or arena. Arena is the first pub in the city aimed at true connoisseurs of sports.

The identity of the Arena sports bar directly broadcasts the venue of the competition in any sport. This is a design of impressions, where each media is drenched with Easter eggs for true connoisseurs of sports: flyers as tickets to a stadium, a beer wrapper as different courts and the menu showcases the most popular football constellation. A dynamic style that easily adapts to any medium, a transparent identity, where the arena is in the center of events.