Oltin Suv

Рабочая группа

CSD: Elina Ibragimova
Design Director: Temur Sadi
Art Director: Zokir Khalmatov
Designer: Mansur Nabiev, Rovshan Kidryachov, Aziz Yusupov
3D modeling: Mansur Nabiev, Bekzod Fayyozov


Oltin Suv is a premium still water filled with gold ions. The name is translated as "Golden Water" from Uzbek Language.

We developed a unique bottle shape with sharp angles and straight lines just like a gold bullion. The shape creates a game of light on the edges, refracts the label and creates volume. The label is a reference to gold rock. It seems like the gold rock is in the bottle.

The golden rock label consists of 2 layers. First is a 3 color print on a transparent tape covered with a cold stamping glue and a golden foil layer with 1 color print on the backside.