Рабочая группа

CSD: Elina Ibragimova
Design Director: Temur Sadi
Art Director: Zokir Khalmatov
Designers: Svetlana Sarjan, Rovhsan Kidryachov, Mansur Nabiev, Aziz Yusupov


Situation & Challenge:
Evos was a shawarma chain established in 2007. This is the brand that made shawarma (lavash) popular in Uzbekistan. However, for 12 years the image of Evos rested only on the very same lavash. The competition in this segment intensified and several serious players appeared who were catching up both in the number of restaurants and in popularity. At the same time, with the opening of borders and the development of the economy, Uzbekistan has become interesting for global brands. KFC and Wendy’s entered the market and other players are planning to as well (BK & Mac). It was necessary to create a new brand image that would strengthen the company's position in the market.
The brand's new strategy is to move from a mono-food brand to a full-fledged fast food category. A new brand by world standards, but with local characteristics. The visual image becomes vivid, understandable, informative and adaptive. The interior and architectural concept of the brand should create the feeling of a metropolis, regardless of location. At the same time, brand authenticity is conveyed through elements of locality. Design, graphics, wording, menu contain features of a particular region of the country or city district. For example a "tandyr gusht" shawerma.

Stickers, stripes, interior design, branded merchandise and even dishes on the menu with elements of locality strongly distinguish Evos from major international players, while modern, bright and clear design does from local ones. The change in positioning entailed a change in food & beverage, service, interior and architectural concepts. Also launched work on building HR processes and IT infrastructure. As a result: More than 350 media were designed. The increase in the average check was + 15%. The increase in the frequency of visits increased by 13%. Top of mind in fast food category with 89% of recognition. Evos has become #1 in the minds of consumers as the National Fast-Food brand.