"You are the joy origin" campaign



Рабочая группа

Ekaterina Belyashina – Client Service Director
Ilya Kodintsev – Creative Director
Askhat Orazayev – Copywriter
Evgeniy Gruzinin – Copywriter
Darya Zhuravleva – Art Director
Zhakyp Matayev – Designer
Kymbat Askarova – Designer


When the SalamSu «You are the joy origin» campaign was being promoted, the brand noticed the following thing.

Initially, the brand had no barriers in product promotion. Therefore, the innovative decision about the brand repositioning was made. Such decision was made in order to occupy the new audience. Previously, other brands in the industry were not paying attention to this kind of audience who are females 16-21 years old. For this audience, being popular is crucial. And they connect popularity with health because of this connection, the audience always thinks about the product’s health-related features. But the most important thing about his campaign is that this advertisement campaign is going in line with a new communication strategy.
With this communication, the brand was able to capture a new audience. For creating effective communication, campaign 360 was conducted. The main instruments of which were a video (OLV) and outdoor advertisements (OOH). The support of the campaign was made by SMM.
The result: the brand considers the main result as the transformation of the main leading actress of the campaign. During the production of the advertisement, the main actress learned how to smile. Before the campaign, she had never used to smile in her work. Her smile is the main favor of the advertisement campaign.