McDonald's Kazakhstan

Рабочая группа

Arshat Bakytgali – Marketing Director
Ivan Peremetin – Business Analyst
Ekaterina Belashyina – Client Service Director
Ilya Kodintsev – Executive CD
Yerasyl Bigazinov – Creative Director
Darya Zhuravleva – Art Director
Zhakyp Matayev – Designer
Alfira Abdalimova – Designer
Adil Kappasov – Producer
Akzhan Oxykbayeva – Producer
Andrey Kim – Director
Andrey Belanskiy – DoP


On the local level, McDonald’s brand has a consumer barrier which is connected with the alleged high cost and fear of the first visit. The solution: Trial motivation through the launch of the local product and advertisement campaign 360 with the message «Truly ours», which is oriented on lowering the barriers connected with the problem. During the campaign was used a classic split: TV+OLV, OOH, РСЯ+GDN, SMM и indoor. The Result: Qazan Burger reached two goals. It became the second most popular position in «A la carte» main menu. Moreover, it saved the profitability level during the pandemic due to the inflow of new customers.