Ezgu Amal

Рабочая группа

Designers: Mansur Nabiev, Rovshan Kidryachov


#BreatheUzbekistan is the movement created by the Ezgu Amal Foundation to raise funds for the purchase of oxygen concentrators, filters for them concentrators, filters for them, pulse oximeters, virus protection items (mask s, suits) and organizing the work of volunteer medical mobile teams to assist patients with moderate pneumonia.

The movement helps people in difficult life situations due to complications associated with coronavirus infection.

The challenge was to create a symbol of the movement to attract supporters and silence critics, a visual identification of hope, of involvement in a common fight against disaster.

We all want to fight the disease and that’s why we unite. We want to make these problems vanish. The logo of the #BREATHEUZBEKISTAN is the symbol of what we fight against. Our goal is to make to disappear the red dot and fill it with pure white color. Every white dot on the symbol is a person that contributed help and joined the movement. The more people we involve, the more funds we gather and the more people we help, the logo is more filled with white.

Approximately 10-15% of population of Uzbekistan is the total number of people that will need help of our movement. It is the number of 3.6-5.4 million people. We suggest to show the progress by updating the logo every 500k people that got help. Starting off with red circle with a few white dots in it and ending with the pure white circle.
We use a bold typography, pure red and white colors, shape of the circle as a frame and the photographs of the people that are part of the movement to create any mediums of the brand.
In digital we use our symbol to show the real time progress of the movement.

This work is a winner of Young Lions Uzbekistan competition for Design.