Рабочая группа

CSD: Elina Ibragimova
Account Manager: Yuliya Jukova
Design Director: Temur Sadi
Art Director: Zokir Khalmatov
Designers: Mansur Nabiyev, Rovhsan Kidryachov
Photography by Studio F8: Ruslan Mardanov & Andrey Arakelyan


Uzbekistan is a young country with 35 million population. 60% of the country's population are millennials with an average age of 29.
However, the main players in the sausage & meat market play in the territory of nostalgia, image, status, public approval, imaginary economy, pseudo-expertise, etc. and is generally marketed as an adult product.
Challenge: How to make sausage attractive to a young millennial audience?
Solution: Concept of “NORMAL”.
A lot of things that are considered correct in our society, in fact, in the rest of the world are bad manners and surreptitious. The new brand Savr helps to build a normal, advanced society. Savr is a lifestyle brand, a "normal" rebel. He stands for authenticity and normality. These two characteristics are linked to the product:
Firstly, having a high-quality composition, high taste indicators and a well-thought-out assortment is NOT an ADVANTAGE, but a norm. All brands should be this way by default. It is strange that there are still brands that can "cheat" with the composition. And those who were able to make a normal product begin to puff their cheeks and position it as a boon, or raise prices. But in fact, this is the NORM and every person deserves a quality product. Second: authenticity is a key requirement for the composition of Savr products. And thirdly, the halal nature of this brand is the basis for socially active behavior.
The message of the brand is simple - both the purity of thoughts and the adequacy of a person depend on a simple but high-quality food.
Savr says that you don't have to be super-someone, you don't have to try to be like someone, you have to be yourself. Savr calls to feed your normal.
The concept "feed your normal" is embodied in a democratic design. Packaging expresses self-sufficiency in character, non-standard appearance as a whole, without outrageousness and violation of category rules. It can please both sophisticated hedonists and strategists who are used to choosing high-quality novelties.
Savr packaging is based on the usual colored circle plate shape, unique photography style and clear information structure. The "normal" design of Savr shows the exact weight of the product and even tells you how many servings there is. Patterns and colors encode product properties, while typography focuses attention on the right details.