Galanz Bottlers

Рабочая группа

Working group: Art Director – Novokreshenova Rufina, Graphic Designer – Kabulova Saida
Account managers – Kurmangaliyeva Zhadyra, Abisheva Saltanat


1. To develop a new brand for the line-up of lemonades:
- logo
- label design
- development of 3D bottle model
- the name should be easy to read in all regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan
2. Design of the product should be relevant to the family values and also to the modern trends relating to the consumption of beverages and nutrition in Kazakhstan.


Lemonade is a beverage that unites several family generations, gives the feeling of unity and joy. Also it’s not just a beverage, it’s an opportunity for parents to make their children feel the joy of childhood like their parents did for them. It’s a hair-line of important uniting family values that shouldn’t be lost.

When developing the new design of Yellow label, we considered that the brand must easily adapt to the existing lemonade tastes with a view to creating new tastes.
We took into consideration the middle and upper-middle price segment of the product while developing the design.

We combined several ideas - freshness, modernity and availability.
The product design reflects the sense of style , drive and youth energy.
Due to the bright background the design of the label differs from the competition that basically use dark colours.

The logo underlines the product character, makes it look more natural, supports visual minimalism and also maintains easy perception by customers.
Thanks for your attention!