Рабочая группа

Creative director: Daniyar Abdullaev
Account manager: Sevara Sabirova
Art-direction: Nazar Sobirov
Design: Nazar Sobirov, Basitxan Tashmuxamedov
Video & Animation: Basitxan Tashmuxamedov


Situation: Russia is has accepted 12 million migrants in 2019, which makes it the 4th in the list of countries with highest migration. Huge part of migrants are experiencing tremendous difficulties with legal paperwork. Being employed illegally, migrants receive black salary and regularly face with non-payments and threats to be fired. Having no opportunity to get legal consultancy, migrants are forced to live and work under these circumstances. The client has developed an online application which provides solution to migrant problems mentioned above and eases their residence and employment in Russia.

Task: Our challenge was to find a solution which is visually and conceptually understandable to the end-user. Create a design system that will clearly communicate brand positioning and USP. Above all, we wanted to raise public awareness to existing problem.

Idea: If we imagine, that existing bureaucracy, lack of information and absence of legal assistance as darkness - Weassist is a beacon that lights way to legal residence and employment.

Results: The application is being tested among 1000 users.