What makes your relatives happy?

What makes your relatives happy?


IMARAT Progress

Рабочая группа

Bakytbek Nursultan, Head of marketing IMARAT Progress
Creative idea & Copywriting: Bakytbek Nursultan (IMARAT Progress), Osmontegin Nurjigit (OSMO Studio)
Production: OSMO Studio/Antares Creative Group
Li Oleg - Executive producer, OSMO Studio
Osmontegin Nurjigit - Film Director, OSMO Studio
Solomko Pavel - DoP, Antares Creative Group
Makarenko Konstantin - Lighting designer, Antares Creative Group
Osmonbekov Sanjar - Production designer
Kushtarova Cholpon - Makeup artist


Situation: More than 80% of meetings in Imarat Progress sales offices are held with the participation of a couple of husband and wife or a woman alone. In real estate, a woman is the main person who influences the decision to choose an apartment.

Idea: Every third construction company in Bishkek starts giving an iPhone as a gift to stimulate its sales. We decided to be different and show real emotions from buying an apartment in the Granville residential building from IMARAT Progress. Women will be happy to buy a new apartment in the best area of Bishkek, and with a nice bonus, a kitchen set as a gift is doubly, they will dance with happiness.

Results: As a result of the campaign, the number of targeted sales requests increased by 160% compared to the previous quarter.