IMARAT Progress

Рабочая группа

Nursultan Bakytbek - Head of marketing, IMARAT Progress
Zhibek Abysheva- marketing manager, IMARAT Progress
Eldar Asanbekov - Graphic Designer, IMARAT Progress
Antares Group - Video production partner
KIRPICH DIGITAL - Digital marketing partner
AYVA Universe - SMM partner


In Kyrgyzstan in apartments, there are 5 residents and 13.1 sq. m per 1 person ( According to Kyrgyzstan's standard is 18 sq.m and according to the UN standard is 30 sq.m.

Kyrgyzstan, as the entire Central Asia, is a country with patriarchal values. The most important value of our society is a family. When will you get married?- Every single person expects a question after the greeting. Uilon - is “get maried” in Kyrgyz. The youth hears “Üilön” from everyone - from parents, relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors.

But the average age of marriage is increasing every year. The trend is that the young generation prefers to fulfill their potential in the first place “to become independent” and only then to get married.


Uilon - means not only "get Married” in Kyrgyz culture. We have noticed that the word Üilön had a more deep meaning. Get a home.

Imarat Progress is a construction company, which launched a new residential complex for a young audience - Altyn Bulak Life.

That's why we have developed the #Üilön campaign and put a teaser with the short message #Uilon on the city's billboards.

The mysterious hashtag went from offline to online and was actively discussed over the next few days. Several major media outlets on the Internet, TV channels, news pages on Instagram, and opinion-makers with thousands of people wrote about the mysterious banners with this hashtag, and businesses actively supported them. Several construction companies even outweighed their billboards. But their #Üilön was about getting married.

We placed the desire to get home above the calls to get married from relatives and friends. We made a virus campaign, where we revealed the underlying meaning.

The total coverage of the ad campaign is 2,000,000, and the number of targeted requests is increased by 500%. Sold by September 2020 - more than 30% of apartments.