#Uilon - get a home

#Uilon - get a home


IMARAT Progress

Рабочая группа

Idea: Imarat Progress
Film craft: Antares Creative Group
Команда Antares Creative Group - Aziz Hasanov, Mirlan Satkymbaev, Pavel Solomko, Konstantin Makarenko, Belek Arabaev, Eugene Plastun, Murat Azhiev, Ana Golovina-Kikvadze, Erkinay Boronbaeva, Aisha Chushtukova


Situation. Uilon - means not only "get Married” in Kyrgyz culture. We have noticed that the word Uilon had a more deep meaning. Get a home.

Decision. The main character of the video is faced with public pressure, sometimes in a comic form. The viewer gets the feeling that it is about marriage, but at the end the true meaning of the phrase is revealed. The hero satisfies his mother with a successful find: an apartment in the "Altyn Bulak Life" residential complex.

This film is a part of #Uilon campaign, which became one of the first viral campaigns of this year. The total coverage of the ad campaign is 2,000,000, and the number of targeted requests is increased by 500%. Sold by September 2020 - more than 30% of apartments.