Рабочая группа

Art-direction, copywriting: Farukh Gaziev
Account management, brand strategy: Sergey Kim
Project management: Mark Park
Design: Timofey Vorojcov
Illustration: David Tipsin, Tory Eugene


The toilet paper market is oversaturated with products with the same design. Hence Jasmine Alex LLC experienced difficulties in differentiating its product. The old design was blended with the identical products and was invinsible for potential customers. So it was necessary to create a modern visual identity and naming with clean semantics.

The identity and communication strategy was built around the mascot - Esty, the goose. It embodies the character of the brand and the properties of the product - white, soft, the one who is not afraid of dirt and moisture. The «ESTY» name is based on a fictitious word with a pure semantic field in the language code of the target audience. We have designed a new packaging form factor that stands out from the faceless competitors in color and shape.

In 12 months after launch, market penetration was 32%. Local manufacturers are trying to fake a similar form factor and design. But they still cannot fake the soul and the identity of brand ESTY.