Рабочая группа

Creative director - Anton Ossipov
Art director - Chetverikov Vladimir
Copywriter - Alexander Knyazev
Designer - Pavel Lebedev


KAZMYASO is a cattle breeding company producing elite meat of the Aberdeen-Angus breed. This type of meat has less fat component than in premium “marble” varieties with the total of 180 kilocalories per 100 grams of meat.
Traditionally, meat constitutes a significant part of the Kazakhstanis’ diet. According to various studies, Kazakhstan is among the TOP 20 countries with high meat consumption per capita.

• To inform the consumer that the premium brand KAZMYASO is a local brand that sells meat produced in Kazakhstan in its own stores
• To communicate the distinctive features of the Aberdeen-Angus breed meat


We are showing the product as the basis of a healthy diet, linking it with the traditional lifestyle of our target audience.

In the phrase DIET, - in Kazakh, - “ET” is highlighted in a different color and has the texture of meat because in Kazakh, “ET” means meat.