«Drink Our Water»



Рабочая группа

Creative: Marsel Arystanbekov
Copywriter: Marsel Arystanbekov
Producer: Shirin Savitahunova
Production: AYVA


Spring water «Legenda» is the very first bottled water in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.

For 22 years, the brand has been a leader in its segment and has already re-tried many concepts and brand communications.

«Drink Our Water» is a concept that is honest with the audience and suggests rejection from all unnecessary things. What is the use of beautiful words, effects and techniques, if the ultimate goal is an offer to drink our water?

The concept beats stereotypes in advertising in its segment, opposes objectification and allows the brand to rise above its competitors. «Legenda» recognizes its maturity, but does not deny its sharpness and perky tone.