Рабочая группа

Maria Shcherbinina - Project Leader, Head of Corporate Communications Department.
Ishchanova Kamilya – Screenwriter; Director of the department of training and development.
SBE Company – production company.


Our project is a series of educational videos about our new system of management.

It is considered that all banks are strict financial organizations with hierarchical structure and bureaucratic processes, where decisions are taken in a long and complicated manner, where employees’ opinions are not considered and where total control is in presence.

Alfa-Bank is destroying those stereotypes. We are a modern digital bank that keeps up with modern times. We are young, open and ambitious!

For more than a year, we have been working on our own unique model of management - Alfacracy, in which we have used elements of traditional management and holacracy. Our system is adapted for our culture and business reality.

The goal of Alfacracy is to help us to quicker and better fulfill our mission, our promises to each other and our clients. More importantly, we created Alfacracy to release our employees' energy for maximal realization of each Alfa employees’ potential.

Project Goals:
Explain a complicated topic in a simple and available manner:
1. Nurture an interest in Alfacracy and inspire our employees;
2. Introduce all employees to Alfacracy, its principles, main elements, way of decision-making and dive in deeply into our management system;
3. Create communication materials for onboarding process of new employees.

Creation of a series of educational videos in a storytelling format, where the top management of the company and regular employees explain the idea behind Alfacracy by describing their own experience. The videos used as a part of onboarding process and deep studying, as well as for independent study.

Alfacracy has received positive feedback from employees. With the help of our educational videos, we created an interest in the topic and gave a push to expansion of our new management model in the bank.

On the practical side, the time of decision-making in important projects has improved from six to one month. Before the change, we had regular general management committees with the presence of all top managers, where we used to work on minor problems and waste our time resources. Now, employees themselves make the decisions in their own zone of responsibility. With the implementation of Alfacracy, employees have started to solve their tensions at work on their own and give their feedback more often.

Videos about Alfacracy are broadcasted on all of our main events, including the online ones. All the videos are available in internal platforms of the bank. They are also a part of our educational programs and master classes on Alfacracy.