Ideas are born in an atmosphere of support, attention and trust.


JSC SB Alfa-Bank

Рабочая группа

Mariya Mun – Managing Director of Marketing and Customer Experience
Aigul Sapraliyeva – Project leader; Director of Brand and Communications Department
Zhannat Alshanova – Director
Sardar Baimoldin – Cameraman
Victoriya Kotyai – Producer
Stanislav Kotyai – Production Manager
Makpal Kursabaeva – Sound director
Камилла Атаева – Stylist
Vera Koroleva – Makeup artist


In a bustle of workdays, every person, from time to time, can forget about the importance of support and attention to close ones. Everyone has low days at work and in personal life; it is exactly in those moments when the sincere support of colleagues and friends can be of help.

Our goals:
• Remind our employees about the importance of mutual support and attention.
• Emphasize that answers to important questions can sometimes be on the surface; you just have to pay attention at the right time.


Helping is easy, working miracles too!

Our employees came up with the idea of the video by themselves. Together, we have chosen the storytelling format to create an emotional experience for our employees and direct their attention to a topical subject. To tighten the emotional bond, we invited our employees, including our CEO, to take part in the project as actors. In our video, we shared our experience and demonstrated with simple at work situations how obvious the solutions to complicated problems can sometimes be. Whether it is a timely given book, an unexpected cup of coffee, an advice or even a new chair, simple things can not only rise the mood but also give inspiration for new ideas!


Our video was shown during online events broadcasted in the whole country (headquarters and branch network), and in a form of Instagram post on our corporate page. The idea of inviting employees to be the actors has developed into another internal project and increased employee engagement. Our colleagues received the video with a standing ovation for the actors and later lively discussed the situations from their own experience, where mutual support played an important role in their lives.