Alfa x Imanbek digital organic campaign


Alfa-Bank Kazakhstan

Рабочая группа

Alfa Bank: Mariya Mun, Aigul Sapraliyeva
Production: Paperbox


Alfa – is the fastest growing digital bank. Our motto is “For those who love life”.

The task:
Alfa is the bank for young, positive and progressive people. We need to tell about ourselves to these people being on the platforms where they are.
It is not a secret, that mostly they are internet users: they watch videos on YouTube, create TikTok videos, scroll the Instagram.
So we need to launch digital campaign that will be viral across digital platforms

Solution: We invited Imanbek, worldwide known sound producer that received Grammy award for his remix ‘Roses”, to collaborate and create something outstanding together. With Imanbek we launched 360 degree integrated campaign that follows clients across their client experience

Result: 1. First of all together with Imanbek we created positive dance track “Feel good”. The track became viral, existing not only on Apple music, iTunes, VK, OK, Shazam platforms, but also on other music sites. It is also available on our call-center line 2051, so our clients can enjoy it while waiting for the response. 2. For the music track we also created video clip. The key message of the clip is: if you are positive, love your life and the things you do, then you will be able to make this world better. Within first month the video gained more than 500 thousand views organically (without any cost) on Imanbek and Alfa YouTube accounts, 26 thousand likes and 2 250 comments (among them ∼90% are positive). The video was among 50 most trending videos. Moreover, it became viral and other YouTube channels made a placement of the music track. 3. To build incremental reach we show the ad at online channels: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok. Every month we have more than 4,2 mln views 4. The collaboration post was placed not only in Alfa’s SMM accounts but also in Imanbek’s accounts. To sum up, we reached around 550 thousand people organically (without any cost!) 5. All big online news platforms told about ”the collaboration of the year”, as a result we got 1,9 mln views! Remarkably, half of the news platforms told about the collaboration for free. 6. The site the communication with Imanbek gains around 2 mln views monthly, the mobile app ”Alfa-Bank Kazakhstan” has more than 400 000 views
As a result we reached around 6 mln people online with 50% of the reach gained at zero-cost. The viral effect of the campaign helped to spend ~x2 less per reach vs usually

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